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Doggy Daycare

Our cage-free daycare offers two professionally supervised play areas to provide our pack members a place to exercise, socialize and play safely with their friends.  Dogs are separated according to their size, temperament and play style to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for every dog.  Dogs will also enjoy some time outside in our fenced in play yard.


Health and Happiness


Our goal is to provide your dog a home away from home while you are at work.  Our small play groups allow for your dog to get to know and bond quickly to the other dogs and the staff members.  This type of socialization is crucial in helping your dog maintain a mental and physical well-being.


Our slip-resistant rubber flooring provides good traction and reduces stress to your dog’s legs and paws while they play all day.


During the day your dog will be actively engaged by our staff.   They will provide fun activities for the dogs as well as, teaching and practicing basic commands using reward-based training methods.  Your dog will enjoy some fun time outside in our fenced in play area and comfortable beds and couches for relaxing.


Pleasant Facility


We are focused on providing a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where your dog will love to spend time.

  • Smaller play groups allow for a more comfortable environment for your dog

  • Rubberized floors for the health and safety of your dog’s joints and feet

  • Fully fenced in yard so they can enjoy some time outside during the day

  • Back yard is finished with rubber mulch to provide comfort for your dogs feet and to keep your dog clean

  • Kiddy pool during the summer

  • Comfortable dog beds for when they want to relax

  • Fun equipment for them to play on




  • All dogs must have up to date vaccines​.

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered except for puppies under 8 months of age.

  • All dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs, people, food or toys.

  • All dogs must be healthy.

  • All dogs must be on a Veterinary recognized flea prevention.

  • All dogs must pass a scheduled temperament test in order to en-roll in daycare.

  • Reservations are required for daycare and payments are due at the end of each visit.



Hour Playtime                           $11

Half Day (4 Hours)                  $28

Full Day (4-9 Hours)              $39

Extended Day (9-11 hours)  $42


Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm

Now Open!

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